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Why You Should Attend:

Discover all of the most important aspects of Digital Marketing in a hands-on, intimate digital marketing class. See why participants rave about Digital Marketing Training – get results and grow your skills with a comprehensive program.

  • Get focused, action-oriented workshop to grow your expertise.
  • Hands-On Learning experience based on case studies, actual and real-time engagement
  • Guided tool, process and technique based session.
  • Support on real-time discussion at our Corporate Blog, Social profiles online and so much more
  •  This session is designed to give you the best IT Industry based ADVANCE practices to assist you to be confidently able to achieve online goals, ROI and campaign based results.
  • You can GUEST Post on Our Blog as a PREMIUM Author as per the corporate blog guidelines and you can share your core links, profile, contact details as a
    TOP FEATURED post for the week on our well established corporate Brand Blog that has hosted high profile Corporate Brand Influencer marketing campaigns.
  • An extremely well designed step-by-step 3 day workshop course.

Benefites Of Attending Worksop:

  • Certificates will be issues at the end of Workshop.
  • Support across our social platforms for your queries on Digital marketing
  • One on One interaction and query session with the Trainer on Digital marketing.
  • You can Earn from home.
  • Featured Blog Writing opportunity on our Corporate Brand Blog

IMPORTANT: All participants need to carry their own laptops for this workshop, since during this workshop, they will be asked to login hands-on and trained with few safety / security settings and this will also ensure, any and all work they do during this workshop stays secure on their own machine.
This is to ensure privacy and security protocols for their login and data.

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