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Most Popular CMS to Create a featured Website

There are plenty of options available when it comes to selecting a content management system for a development project. Selecting a CMS is based on many factors like depending on the requirements, how advanced you need the CMS to be, and for what purpose it is going to be used.

Some CMS’s have a slight edge over the rest of the lot because of the usability of the software. Some are just easier to install, use and extend as compared to others and the credit goes to the developers who have done some thoughtful planning.

Below are the most usable CMS’s on the web to use for your next project. You can choose the one that fits your requirements best.

1. WordPress

In the past, WordPress has been used primarily as a blogging platform, but nowadays with this CMS can be used not only for fully functional website development, but also for the creation of mobile applications.

WordPress is a very easy and convenient to use. This makes it one of the most popular CMSs for website development and it’s easy to maintain.

WordPress is an open source software and SEO friendly platform, so as a result, your site can benefit from certain ranking preferences. It is written with the help of a standard high-quality code and produces semantic markup, making the WordPress site very attractive for the search engines.

Download WordPress

2. Joomla

Joomla just like other CMS’s is an open source platform and recommend for small businesses. It uses PHP and MySQL database to store content. With the help of Joomla, web developers will be able to make their website development project whether it will be for:

Informative website, Corporate website, eCommerce website, Small Business website.

Even with small knowledge in this area, one can manage the content of the website extremely easily without working on the code behind the site. It can be used for developing powerful online applications.

Download Joomla

3. Magento

Magento is also an open source and design mainly for eCommerce websites. It uses Zend PHP databases and MySQL. It offers various powerful and flexible features like:

1. Intuitive interface,
2. Tools for managing and controlling over the appearance of the goods,
3. Search Engine Optimisation Tools

With the help of Magento, one can manage easily and quickly both small and large scale eCommerce websites with a large range of products. The best thing about Magento is that it is an iPhone optimize which means that the websites will be properly visualize on Apple devices.

Download Magento

4. Drupal

Drupal is a CMS with open source and its recommend for social networking sites, informative sites, web applications and much more. It is an extremely flexible CMS and can tailore to the needs of every business.

Download Drupal

Each content management system comes with its own set of pros and cons. It is better to evaluate a CMS by doing an extensive research and then choose the best as per your requirements. Which CMS do you use? Since there are lot of CMS’s available in the market, do you think any other CMS should have been included in the above list? Let us know in the comments section!